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Siddhant Pandey

Siddhant Pandey

Speaking Specialization: Commercial Contracts
Startup Category: All of the above
Speaker Profile:

Siddhant Pandey is a Lawyer, Blogger and Entrepreneur, mainly working alongside startups to assess their legal risks and minimize them. A legal consultant with a keen knowledge of contract management and business industry.

He is also the founder of Lawbrifcase (www.lawbriefcase.com). He writes about day to day legal problems and solutions with his team of skilled lawyers to secure your personal and business interests.

Commercial Contracts and Entrepreneurship

Potential Date :

September 19, 2020
4:01 pm


Commercial Contracts and Entrepreneurship

1. Understand the principles of law of contracts.

2. Key identifiers for different type of agreements.

3. Why an MoU cannot replace agreements?

4. Dynamic business transactions and exercise of due diligence.

Commercial Contracts is fancy term.

All contracts have the same 5 principles behind their execution.

Commercial Contracts are agreements between parties to govern the nature of business between them and establish boundaries.

Millions of templates for agreements are available for free on the Internet.

Ever wondered why reputed entities hire professionals to draft contracts? 

All contracts don’t have to be air-tight, sometimes they have to be cleverly drafted.

Learn how the law works, and align your business interests with it.