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Harsh Pangi

Harsh Pangi

Founder/ Director
Speaking Specialization: Intellectual Property
Startup Category: Early Stage
Speaker Profile:

Harsh, an Intellectual Property (IP) professional, is passionate about creating value and building bridges for progressive and sustained innovation.

Harsh has a broad professional experience of 15 years working with companies like Infosys Technologies Ltd and Tata Elxsi India Pvt Ltd. In the field of Engineering and Technology and with SAP Labs India Pvt Ltd in the field of Intellectual Property. Harsh was instrumental in obtaining successful grant of patents in many emerging and high technology areas in his previous employment with Global Patent Group at SAP Labs, Bangalore, India. He further proactively liaised with the Litigation Group and Strategic IP Initiatives Group at SAP and demonstrated his expertise on different projects. He has also worked with the Global Technology Legal Compliance Group at SAP, where he advised engineering teams on legal compliance of open source software licenses. He is a founder of IP-FY, an IP Consulting division under Two52 Clearlydefined IP Consulting LLP, which is operational from Belgaum and Bangalore.

Harsh is registered to practice as a Patent Agent with the Intellectual Property Office, India and holds a Master of Science degree from Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY.

Intellectual Property 101 – From Awareness to Understanding

Potential Date :

July 30, 2020
4:12 am


Intellectual Property 101 – From Awareness to Understanding
Agenda/ Topics – Main
  • What is Intellectual Property?
  • Types of Intellectual Property
  • Why and When to protect IP?
  • Trademark and Copyright – Term, Registration process in India
  • Patent – Term, Registration Process in India, What is patentable/ what is not, Importance of patents, Myths around patents, Do’s and Don’ts
  • Q&A

The program is designed to introduce fundamentals concepts of Intellectual Property
(IP) and types of protection. Broadly the program addresses life cycles of different types of IP,
type of protections, jurisdictional requirements, and other topics covering the How’s, When’s
and Why’s of IP. The program concludes with some Do’s and Don’ts, setting a baseline for
further discussions on strategies for filing and leveraging the IP assets.
Attendees of this program should walk away with many practical takeaways to help
them build a basic understanding of the different types of intellectual property and best
practices to seek protection.
What You Will Learn/ Benefits or Key Takeways
• Understand different types of IP – Industrial Property (Patents, Trademark,
Geographical Indication and Industrial Design), Copyrights, and Trade Secrets.
• Understand processes, validity, jurisdictional requirements and rights of the different
types of IP.
• The why’s, The when’s and the how’s of the IP.
• Patent – Term, Registration Process in India, What is patentable/ what is not,
Importance of patents, Myths, Do’s and Don’ts.

Delivery of Program
Any online delivery platform moderated by a host, for effective management and
potentially avoiding situations of “Zoombombing” and unwanted interruptions.
By default, the participants audio and video is muted and may be allowed to speak for
seeking clarifications as needed or unmuted only towards the end of the program.
Duration of Program
• Presentation and Q&A (without interaction during the presentation)
o About 60 minutes
• Presentation and Q&A (with interaction during the presentation):
o About 90 – 120 minutes
Who Should Attend
Stake holders, CXOs, Engineers, Scientists, Entrepreneurs, Startups, Students, Faculty,
Management or anyone who is seeking to shift their paradigm from awareness to
understanding the basics of IP.