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Ashutosh Sinha

Ashutosh Sinha

WordWiseWeb Media LLP
Speaking Specialization: Telling a brand story
Speaking Experience: I have tracked equity markets in India as a reporter, news presenter and editor for well over a decade.
Startup Category: Other
Speaker Profile:

Ashutosh Sinha has been a print and television media reporter, news presenter and editor. He has tracked India’s equity markets and regularly spoken to business leaders and policymakers from India and around the world as part of his work.  Tracking the stock markets has been his profession, telecom and technology is his passion and cricket, particularly the five-day variety, is his religion.

He has written about India’s IT services, tech and telecom sectors extensively during the early days of the industry before equity markets caught his attention.

How to tell the story of a brand

Potential Date :

July 28, 2020
3:03 pm


How to tell the story of a brand
It gives ideas for startups on communicate their message to communities, stakeholders
Basic understanding on how content can be integrated into the communication plan
It demystifies some of the art & science that goes into communication and storytelling
Communication can be through video / text / digital formats for all or one of the above

How should a brand go about telling its story? What are some of the basics that it needs to keep in mind before its story can be a compelling one? How do the global brands do it and can the upcoming brands learn something from that?

Over one hour, I will explain how small brands can learn from the communication strategies of the small brands. This will be with examples of global and upcoming brands.