All that you need to know about Easy to Pitch: Workshop on how to pitch startup ideas

How to pitch your startup idea?

You have an idea, but do not know how to convey and communicate it to others? So, Priyanka Madnani is here to help you with this important step in your entrepreneurial journey. She is the Founder and CEO of Easy to Pitch, an initiative that aims at helping startups and individuals to prepare themselves for their pitch meetings. 

This year, we bring this insightful session to your laptops. Interact with Priyanka to make the best pitch for yourselves.  

What you should expect? 

  • This session will open a new holistic perspective into creating a pitch deck on what to add, how to write the pointers and the necessary pre-requisites. It will also help people understand what is to be done during presentations. It will take people through the world of startups and their presentations
  • Interactive hands-on activities like creating a pitch inside 2 minutes


  • Organizer: Priyanka Madnani, Founder and CEO of Easy To Pitch
  • Registration Deadline: 13th October 2020
  • Workshop Time: 17th October 2020, 4:00 PM – 5:30 PM 
  • Price: INR 349 per Person
  • Platform: Zoom
  • E-Certificates will be issued to the participants

Instructor profile (LinkedIn): /in/priyankamadnani/