Developer Challenge - C1001


Challenge Code – C1001

Introduction about the Challenge

This Challenge is to create a Single Page Front-End Application for developing an informative COVID website. (You are free to choose the content that goes into the web page). As a reference, you may check out – website for ideas. (You may also use the exact content from this website).The criteria for the Challenge are more from the UI / UX Design and the appeal of the website. 

Requirements for the Challenge

The Single Web Page Application should be developed using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to make this single-page website attractive, engaging, speed tested, and interactive. The page should be well-structured, professional in look, well tested (including load tested and smoke tested) and error/bug free in nature.

Assets provided by the Challenge

This is an open challenge. You are free to use assets directly from the internet.

Technologies / Languages to be used 

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Jquery, Bootstrap.

Prefer the Front-end without any frameworks, but if you wish to use, you can try with VueJs, Angular, React. (Preferred Framework – VueJs)

You can also try to use Template Engines / HandlebarsJs / Mustache.

Development Process

This Challenge will be open for 10 days. 

The Deadline to Submit the Challenge is 25th. You can use the online tools, like or and submit the link.

Expected Output

A good looking Single Page Web Application providing information on COVID.

You could use any of the APIs from CDC or other data providing services for integration purposes. Please use wherever possible consuming the JSON format data.

Participant’s eligibility 

You should be a Front-end web designing/development expert/professional. 


Once submitted for the Challenge contest, you are transferring Indian Startups the Ownership right(s) to use this software source code and associated documentation files, without any restriction(s), the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or use extensively in any way, and no further communication in this regard will be entitled.